lateral raises


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best hand position?I like grabbin a plate at the 4 and 8 o'clock position,others like a straight bar palms down. any others? whats best? thx
Are you talking front laterals? If so I prefer going the palms down on the bar. My gym only has plates that go up to 45lbs so its kind of hard to do front laterals that way for me. If that is what weight you need to be working with, I dont think the 4 and 8 position is good anyway. The movement does not seem as natural.
yes front lat, I tried palms down on bar for 2 months ,but my pumps seem better with plates ,although I see now Im gonna be hunting around when I outgrow the 45's! thx
i really liked using plates but outgrew those, so i'm back to using db's. personally i like going palms down when performing laterals with the db bar facing my quads.