Leoffler Sustanon

This is a great question because i see it around but do not know that much about it, so bump for more info......Some like there brand of Methandrostenalone......
Tore my ass up....decent gains...would use it again if I had no other option.
Concerning Loeffler, their whole new product line is total garbage IMO. I've used their new line's test enanthate and prop (which is laughably a supposed 200mg\ml) with minimal results. As soon as I switched to another brand, the gains continued instead of the stagnation that set in when taking that shit. I've nown people that have used their drol and D-bol tabs and have not been pleased. The fact of the matter is that Loeffler had one decent product for many years, their Reforvit-B, and they tried to capitalize on that products rep a few years back by pumping out a new line of low quality pseudo gear. They even have the audacity to sell allegedly 50 mg tren tablets. Why the hell would anyone even consider buying that, since injectable tren is so easy to make and the bioavaialbility is far superior than when taken orally, which is pretty much ineffective.