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good idea to rul during cycle? Ive heard yes and no.any Ideas on how much if run during a fina /test prop cycle? thx! dont want gyno! also fun fina only for a week 75mg ed 1 week then add test 75mg eod for 5 weeks then 2 weeks fina only,clo post sound ok? thx for any advice!
If you're not prone to gyno I recommend you not to use it unless you need it...
Use 100-150 mg ED when you feel gyno symptoms, drop it to 50 mg when symptoms dissappear and continue until the end of the cycle ....
You can use it for post cycle therapy...
cdog.......I'm not sure I understand your cycle. Is this correct ??

Week 1 - 75mg Fina ED
Week 2 - 6 - 75mg Prop EOD (no Fina)
Week 7 - 8 - 75mg Fina ED (no Prop)

Yes.......... you will still need Clomid for post-cycle recovery.
I'm guessing thatls clomid? If so, other then anti-estro properties, it will keep your nuts full on cycle...........not keep test up, just plump nuts.