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Hey guys,

Basically as the title suggests I'm looking for advice. I'm strongly considering doing my first cycle of anabolic steroids at 21.

I've been training now two years, and come September this will be my third year. My first year was a bit of a noob year in terms of shit form, crap nutrition and training in general.

Second year miles better. Spent hours upon hours reading up on training and the importance of nutrition etc, and I honestly feel I know it well, and not just protein is the solution attitude. My form is also way better. It's not perfect yet on all the lifts, but it's getting there.

At the moment I'm cutting slow at 1/2 a pound a week and my stats are as follows:
Weight: 172lbs morning weight
Body fat: approx 11%
Height: 5 ft 9
Arms flexed: 15.3 inch
Legs 23.4 inch
Waist 31.8 inch

2410 calories daily made up of;
Carbs: 50%
Protein: 35%
Fat: 15%
I use the myfitnesspal app to help track these.

I train 7 days a week, due to a back injury a year or ago, I rarely squat, and don't deadlift, but I DO NOT neglect training legs. I'm not posting whole workouts as takes too long, but basically posted last set for each of the following lifts. I usually do 4 sets.
Lifts are as follows:
Hack Squat 150kg 8 reps.
Leg press: 300kg 4 reps.
Bench: 80kg 6 reps.
Standing Overhead press: 60kg 8-10 reps

I've tried loads of different supplements overtime, but most do little to nothing. At the moment I take creatine. And that's it. I get all my nutrients from food.

So following on from above, my questions are as follows;

What advice would you give if I was to run a cycle at 21 or 22. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get any taller as I've been this height since I was 16. I have done hours of research about this topic and I know the effects that can happen, and the importance of getting bloods every two weeks and running a proper pct. I was planning on running a cycle similar to the one on this form for first timer use.

I was wondering what you guys think about this. And also, is it better to buy from someone or online from reputable source?

Thanks guys. If I've left anything out please ask or let me know
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please wait till age 25. at 21 development is likely not finished yet (im not just talking about hight) and using aas before this is done can screw up an stop development for life, likely land you on hrt sooner or from first cycles.

i highly rec waiting a little longer


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As juced porkchop said, you are still fairly young and whatever it is you are trying to achieve bulk/cut you could do it naturally without a doubt. At your age you have a good understanding on the most important factor in building muscle which is your diet. Just stick to solid training, clean dieting and rest. However if you do decide to still go ahead with doing a cycle then I personally would suggest doing a testosterone only cycle. Possibly a Test E only cycle anywhere from 250 - 500mg @ 12 weeks followed by PCT 21 days after it. However hate to repeat stick to doing things naturally for now. All the best


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you need to eat a lot more if you really want to grow.....a lot more...you eat like that on a test cycle and you won't see much difference. Your girlfriend/boyriend, whatever, should be disgusted at the amount you eat..Thats how i know when i'm eating enough, even then that means i need to think about upping my intake as my gains slow down. good luck bro, bon appetite


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Welcome. Really man in the grand scheme of things 3 years in the gym and 21 years old, you are just beginning to grow into BB. You have plenty of Test at your age and you aren't even in the advanced stages of BB at your age.

IMOP it takes about 5 years of serious lifting to get a base of mature muscle to reach your natty max. Without steroids and the right diet, as well as your training you can put on and chisel a great physique that anyone would be proud of.

For many reasons you are just too young and it will be a waist of money and stress on your body just to do what you can do naturally. As you wait you can learn about how to cycle safely and properly to maximize your gains when you do a cycle. This is serious stuff you are dealing with.

Read all the sticky's where you came in on the forum ask more questions and hang in here with us. There's a wealth of information that you have just embarked on here on Steroidology. Others will chime in on this... Good Luck


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I had 18" arms before I ran my first cycle, and I had trained for 5 years steady and hard, and for a total of 15 years if you through in high school.

If you do not have the discipline to train for at least 3 years and make substantial gains naturally , AAS are not for you.

I have seen dozens of guys cycle. They have no dedication and in the end, they have made no progress other than possibly damaging their HPTA.