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My girlfriend has started lifting weights, she has her diet down pretty good and all, but she works at the local gym, and a couple of the guys there that she trains with have been helping her. I've been training for a few years, have used AAS, clen and know a thing or two, but I'm the first to admit, I don't know a thing about women training. Her co-workers however, have her on a training routine that I don't think is all that great, and her diet is decent, not sure if it needs tweaking or not.
the point is, one of the guys there, is talking to her about getting on clen, nolva, and anavar. I told her I'm definetly not against her using whatever she wants, but I think she needs to train longer than 3 weeks before she even CONSIDERS taking anything!!! A lot of people at this gym are on gear, however IMO a lot of them use incorrectly, have poor diets, i.e. the guy who is giving advice to her is on over 1500mg of test a week, has over 20% bf, and is has poor training ethic.
also, this part kinda makes me laugh, they are telling she should compete in a show on may 5th, now, I think she looks amazing, is a total hottie, and I hate being negative, nor do I want to sound condesending, but I don't think they should have her dieting and preparing for a show right off the bat in 4 1/2 months. maybe I'm wrong, that's why we're here.
It's hard to find advice on women training, and I'm already a member of this site, and love it, so I'm hoping you gals can help her out, she'll be reading this along with me, and I'm hoping she'll create her own handle.

stats -
I would post big 3 numbers, but she doesn't really know since she just started.



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First off, she needs to focus on herself, not what others are telling her she should do. have her outline her goals; if she wants to compete, there are lots of qualified competitors and coaches available without her having to ask some retard at her gym. if they try to offer advice, she can tell them she's already hired a coach. also, see if she will post up her diet. how much cardio does she do? what's her training split look like? all of these q's will help determine what needs to be changed. btw she's very pretty!
If she wants to do a show great, but she needs to learn proper training practices and proper diet before she even considers doing AAS. The first year of training should be natural. Bodybuilding requires patience, and it sounds like the people at your girlfriends gym don't have it. Even if she isn't where she wants to be on her first show, it's good experience. Don't be afraid to speak up and give her constructive criticism. Doing things the proper way will benefit her in the end, even if it takes a little bit longer.
For not ifting weights she looks great & is a very pretty lady.
Personally I would say it takes time & consistancy of 5-12 months of solid training before she should even consider doing anything!
Good shape on her arms & shoulders,great base soild cardio & diet with high intensity workouts you could be amazed how good she will look naturally,then once she hits a peak you can consider it.
Diet is everything!
good advice everyone, I'm trying to tell her to wait and do everything naturally, at least for 8 months or so. there is also one girl at the gym who HAS competed naturally, and knows what's going on, but for some reason my girlfriend won't ask her for advice, and her gym buddy keeps trying to get her to take everything under the sun. not so much Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) right now, but clen and nolva constantly

I'll work to get her to sign on and post some of her thoughts and ask some questions, she's making good progress, and is very dedicated. but she hasn't even been at it long enough to see real good results.

and I'm also going to do MY own research on training, diet, and supps for women and print them out for her. this way I can give her correct advice that would work for her, instead of trying to apply what I know works for me, to her.

Thanks again, I'll update this thread in a day or so
This is heather!!

Hey thanks for all the great advice. I'm doing everything naturally right now and I"m making good gains but i"m having a conflict of interest, I am getting many different opinions from my friends about clen, nolva, and other fat burners. I'm just not sure whether I should take them now, I think I'd like to, but some people are telling me to wait, and others are saying just go for it. I wouldn't mind doing it, I just want to be safe.

here are some updated pics after 4 weeks, the lighting is terrible but it still shows a good amount of the changes.


Wait on taking anything. One month is not nearly enough training to see the results you want. You'll feel alot better about yourself if you tried naturally first anyways. Leave the stuff for later.