Low libido - Switching deca for EQ?


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Hi guys,

This is my second cycle and I am running week 4th. It looks like this:

Week 1-12 Test E 500mg/week
Week 1-10 Deca 400mg/week
Week 1-4 Dbol 30 mg ED
Aromasin 12.5 ED

My info:
9.8% bf

Training 5 days a week
Aiming for 3500 kcal per day, doing about 3000 kcal. Clean foods.

Just FYI, my first cycle was Test E for 10 weeks at 500mg/week and Dbol 4 weeks at 30 mg ED. I felt pretty good after the cycle and made some solid gains.

Before starting my current cycle I was at about 8% bf and 81kg. I did retain some water on this cycle.

I have a few concerns with this cycle:

1. I feel bloated and fat, despite the Low kcal
2. I have no libido and no morning wood
3. I'm really struggling to reach 3,500 kcal per day

My idea was to eat clean and gain some weight. I've been trying hard to reach 3500 kcal but most days I don't. Some days I had to resort to eat a lot of coconut oil and peanut butter just to add up kcal.

Even though the last cycle I made some gains, I had the same issue, I was probably at 3,000 kcal at best. However I didn't feel as bloated and my libido was great so overall I was happy with the cycle.

I've been pining 300 mcg/day of GHRP-6 to increase appetite. I would say this had a good effect the first week or so but I no longer feel the hunger.

I am wondering now if including deca on this cycle was a good choice. For one it seems it's killing my libido, on the other hand I feel fat which is not good for the summer. Plus for what I've been reading deca is very dependent on kcals, so I might be wasting it.

I have EQ and winstrol tablets at hand, so I was wondering if I can switch deca for EQ right now in the 4th week. I've talked to some friends and they say that I can just switch to EQ immediately since the two compounds are very similar. This might help with my hunger issues since some anecdotical evidence suggest EQ makes you eat like a beast. I would like to know your opinions.

Also, I was thinking of running winstrol on week 9-14 to bridge right until PCT. if I do it this way the orals would have been 1-4 Dbol, 5-8 rest, 9-14 winstrol. Is this ok or too much for the liver?
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if you feel bloated and fat you have to check your E2 levels, have you done any blood works at all to see your levels?


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I second the idea of blood testing, and have you been taking an AI?

Four weeks on deca, you probably haven't felt anything from it yet or had much of an impact from it yet. I would suspect the test + dbol, and perhaps not taking an AI.


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Thanks for the comments. I haven't done any blood test as of yet, but I forgot to mention I was taking Aromasin 12.5 EOD at the beginning of the cycle and I'm doing now 12.5 ED, which has helped with water retention.

I've also started taking proviron today hoping it will help with the libido. Planning to keep it at 50 mg per day.

Perhaps the water retention/bloating will subside after I drop the Dbol, however I still have the problem of Low libido and I'm really struggling to reach 3500 kcal per day. I though that EQ might help with these two. Any drawbacks of switching to EQ?


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I updated the original post.

I would still like to know your opinion on switching to EQ if that would not hinder my libido and help me get hungry and reach 3500 kcal or more


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EQ is not going to be as anabolic as deca, so any possible gains might be reduced. And lots of folks would tell you 400 mg/wk eq is not enough with the sweet spot around 600.

EQ also doesn't have the 19-nor aspect of deca that could impact you getting hard. As for libido, I doubt the deca is having a negative impact on that, I'd suspect the test & dbol and interaction with estrogen.

So just one guys opinion, but I don't think the deca is impacting your libido - therefore switching to eq not likely to help that one particular issue.

As for your AI dose, you are flying blind unless you get a blood test. Get the sensitive test LC-MS, and sensitive estrogen blood panel version - so it will work with the deca 19-nor, and give you accurate E2. Don't know how long you were going to run the dbol, but you might want to get tested right now even if you are dropping the dbol in a week or two - to get a snapshot of what's happening right now.


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10 weeks of deca is a short run. Most run it for atleast 14 weeks so that was bad planning to do only 10 weeks. Wanting to switch over to eq is another poor choice due to time issues. Eq is also ran for atleast 14 weeks.

You most likely have high e2 from test and dbol. Dbol is known for bloating, limp dick, loss of appetite, etc... you probably aren't taking the right amount of ai. Without bloodwork, nobody can suggest what dose to try.