mag 10 help


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Hey guys. . i was just wondering if anyone could suggest something for me to take between uses of MAG-10. I am going to take MAG-10 for 2 weeks and then take 2 weeks off of it and then take it for 2 more weeks. Can anyone suggest something for me to take during the 2 weeks that I am off of MAG-10? I am looking for fat-loss and muscle gain. Thanks a lot!
winny,tren or d-bol with armedex. And just throw the mag 10 out the window and stop wasting ur money.
I just ordered some mag-10 too, I hear its the work good as hell. What I am planning to do is 2 weeks of Mag-10, then 2 weeks of Tribex 500 back to back for a total of six weeks. I recieved that advise from I havent recieved my order yet and Im mad anxious to try it out, its also good to remember to eat right to acheive optimal gains bro. How are your results and gains so far?