Ment (Trestolone Acetate)


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Trestolone acetate, also known as ment, has recently gained popularity through some research; however, it was not a well-known steroid when it was first produced in the 1960s. Ment is an effective steroid used to treat low testosterone levels. It does not transform into DHT and does not cause prostate pressure, which distinguishes it from testosterone.

Although ment is a 19-nortestosterone group deca-like drug, it does not elevate prolactin levels like deca. Ment is a steroid that is ten times stronger than testosterone. It is available as oral tablets, injections, and creams.

Ment, also known as trestolone, is taken in doses of 50-100 mg per day. It can be used as a standalone cure and is a steroid that promotes rapid weight gain. Since ment can significantly increase estrogen levels, I recommend that you use an anti-estrogen with it. Since ment boosts metabolism, the feeling of hunger can be intense, therefore I recommend that you be careful about your diet.

Ment is the best steroid to use alone, but if you want an extreme cure, you can combine it with the following drugs.

Testosterone cypionate (in low doses)





The side effects of Ment and Trestolone:

Estrogen increase



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