Muscle wasting/Nandrolone/TRT


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First post, signed up mainly for this but will stick around.

Mid 30's male on TRT of 200T/500iu HCG/2 Tabs of arimidex spill twice weekly. Everything is perfectly dialed in.

I have a history of several psychological issues which I won't go into to keep a long story short, but one of them causes delayed gastric emptying and other problems basically meaning I find it nearly impossible to eat large enough portions (I can eat enough to stay healthy, but my lifting has suffered for sure, so we're being a bit vain here to be fair). On an average day I can maybe eat around 1,000-1,200 calories, anything more and I just feel sick.

Even though this isn't technically a wasting disorder, my endo has suggested adding 100 to 200mg of Nandrolone if I wanted. As appealing as this is, the sexual side effects are just not worth risking for me. About half the people say they suffered nothing, the other half say it's been 10 months and they still haven't recovered. Caber is not something I'm willing to take year round for obvious reasons.

So I'd like an opinion from anyone with more experience. And also my take on it being, wouldn't just doubling the testosterone to 400mg essentially put me at a lot of the similar risks but without the sexual dysfunction issues (and that nandrolone heart valve issue, whether true or not). He's fine either way but tells me to consider the nandrolone as the Test will work well but Deca obviously has a bit more affinity for hypertrophy.


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Sliding to a keto spectrum diet can help fit more calories for the volume off food. Not necessarily eating kept, but up fats and fatty food. Make Keto fatbombs. I have issues eating and have gone down to 135 lbs. My avatar is like 167lbs. I'm back down to about 160lbs. I rely heavily on fats to Make calories and feel better doing that than consuming lots of carbs.