My doctor wrote me a script for Test..Anastrazole..HCG


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My doctor wrote me a script for in TOTAL SHOCK!

No...I can't believe it either!
7 weeks ago I went to a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinic here in my town.
Started me on Test--HCG---and Anastrazole.
Good enough....or so I thought.
It was 200 bucks a month---not cool.

I recently started a new job with new insurance.
So I called a urologist that deals with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and set up an appt. for Friday.
{today is Thursday}

So today I had already scheduled an appointment with a regular general MD for my yearly check-up.
When I filled out the new patient form--it asked what medicines I was on. I listed my testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) meds {test--HCG--ANAS}.

The doctor walks in the office with my chart and says: are you...welcome to #### office...I see your on long have you been on it?

I say: about 7 weeks.
He asks who perscribes it--how much do I get--and how am I feeling
I told him the clinic I get it from--that I was on 150mg a week--and that they increased it to 160 mg a week because I wasnt getting ANY benefits from it.
He says something like this:

Well...a 10mg increase isn't enough for somebody your size I wouldnt think. I prefer to manage my patients TRT.. Would you have a problem injecting yourself at home? Or is that the reason you go weekly to the clinic? Because if you don't object to giving yourself a weekly or bi-weekly shot, it would be cheaper for you to allow me to take over and manage your treatment. The first thing I would do is start you off at 200mg a week and we can manage it from there"

My testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) kicked in and my dick got hard.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
Did he just OFFER to write me a script for 200mg a week of Cyp...Anastrazole...and HCG???? All to be administered by me, in my own house--and NOT have to make weekly trips back???
Did he??
He sure as sh!t did!
I walked out of there with all 3 scripts.
I went to Walgreens and found out the Test requires a prior auth from the docs office--OR I could not use my insurance and pay $105.00.
The Anasrtazole was only 4 bucks with my insurance---and the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) has to be done mail order from some plce in Maine--free shipping--4.00 co-pay--and it's BRAND

Don't ask me why he wrote those scripts without any blood work. He went off of what I told him.
They DID take bloodwork so he can start watching me---but other than that--he took my word for it --I guess. Weird...I know.

My insurance offers a free check up once or twice a year so the office visit cost me nothing. Zero.
Obviously I called to cancel the urologist appointment I made for tomorrow.

Talk about L U C K Y!
If your doctor isn't gonna do like mine did, or even consider writing you a script--my advice to you would be to look into another doctor.
If you NEED this stuff...your doctor oughta be able to help you.
The underground method and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinic should NOT be your only options.
Keep looking. I got lucky as fast as I did. You should too.
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