My First Cycle: Test, Deca, Equipoise


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Update, week 4:

Strength gains have been fairly constant week to week. Was able to bench 280, and followed with 315 for a negative. Standing straight bar curls are now with 45s; standing military press maxed at 250, followed by 22 reps at 135. Definitely gains in both strength and endurance. I'm a volume lifter vs. a power lifter, so I'm happy there. Yesterday I benched 185 for 22 reps followed by 135 for 43 reps. And this was done after I went up to my max and then back down.

No acne, gyno, or aggression. Body temp feels a bit higher. Sleep seems to be a bit all over the map. Some nights I'm up until 2-3:00 am and wide awake. My sex drive is pretty potent. However it seems that right after a pin it's not for a day or so...

My appetite isn't through the charts but am trying to keep a good, clean diet with plenty of protein. At this point I'm looking for lean muscle mass production, as the strength and endurance seems there. It seems as if I have had some muscle mass gain, as my weight is about 224 and my fat (pinch test) seems to be reducing. Recovery is pretty solid. Definitely getting sore (muscles, joints, ligaments) but they seem to recover really fast.

That's it for now. See you in a week.



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Update, week 6 (for some reason my week 5 update didn't get posted even though I submitted it)

Weight: 226
Bench: 285, 1 rep
Shoulder, standing military: 260 1 rep
Curls: Olympia bar; 165 for 5 reps

My gains in strength have tapered a bit but my endurance is quite spectacular. When I bench I start at 155 for 20 reps, but can do more. I go to 190 and do 15 reps but could do more. Than to 230 for 10, 245 for 6-8, and then I start playing with one to two rep maxes. Afterward, I come down to 225 again for 9-12, than to 185 for 18-22 reps, than to 135 for 35-40 reps. This I really love, and it's just the beginning of my chest day. I move on to inclines with dumbbells but stay lighter focusing on a 20, 15, 12, 10 rep sequence; then I will do either flys or pec dec, depending on how I feel, again focusing on a 20, 15, 12, 10 rep count. I do want strength gains but I also want endurance, so I try to combine the two and am happy with the routine. Generally, I do this with all muscle parts and sets (20, 15, 12, 10; once I hit 10 reps I might do a few sets with higher weights to find that 1-6 rep max weight. Once there I will do 1-3 sets at a much lower weight but focusing on reps and form).

As far as side effects: I have no gyro (fingers crossed); no real acne issues (I did have a couple of thick bumps on my neck in the first two weeks but nothing after); no hair growth; a bit of tests atrophy but nothing major; my sex drive is pretty hardcore, but I've notice, since I'm using deca with the cycle that the first day or two the old boy isn't at full attention. Full disclosure, I've added a 50cc next day pin and that seems to do the trick, putting him back at full attention. At week 6 I've notice serious muscle gains and fat loss. My arms are at 17 1/4 pre-workout, which is a good 3/8 inch gain in six weeks. My shoulders are much fuller and round and my chest is showing striations, and separation at the cleavage. I've actually received my first inquiry from a buddy who said "you're getting jacked, are you doing creatine?"

As for other side effects there are none (yet). I've no rage, no emotional issues, no blood pressure issues, nor have I had site injection pain, etc. (Although, depending on the pin I might be some slight bruising, but I think that has to do with how much I'm moving the needle when in me. Also, I learned after about week 3 or 4 to not pin the three shots in the same place as that led to some lump formations most likely due to to much oil in one place. So now I use both cheeks each injection (there are three) and separate by a few inches the two that are in the same cheek.) As far as appetite and diet, I've tried to stay pretty clean but am not off the charts with my protein intake. I eat eggs, fish (salmon usually), and supplement with almonds, peanut butter, and other nuts. I focus on having a bit of greens each day (lettuce, cucumber, etc.) to keep the body regular. I was using protein drinks but haven't in the last five days and doesn't seem to have made a difference. I'm not trying to go from 217 (where I started) to 260; to the contrary, my goal was to stay at relatively the same weight, but gain a pound of muscle for every pound of fat lost. I know that's a pretty non-realistic approach but i is my general thought. So, I've gained nine pounds, but I know I've lost fat. I see more striations on my sides; I have bigger lats, biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders; my legs are more striated; my suits and shirts no longer fit, and in a good way (they are custom made; I'm to trying to be pretentious but only honest. My suits and shirts, and pants are custom. My pants fit better, but I've ripped two of my shirts putting them on, and my suit coats now cut off my circulation.)

The short version is that I've gained weight, lost fat, increased muscle mass, strength and endurance at week 6. I look forward to the next 6 weeks or so. At this point I'm happy with what has occurred and hope the growth and experience curve remains constant.


Squat: 405 for 6 reps (I hate squats)


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This is my first time doing a cycle. When i started in april i started with propionate test and then switched to enanthate test now my face started breaking out with acne. Should i go back to propionate