my friends 1st cycle??????


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would this be ok for a first cycle?

1-4 35mgs ed
1-10 enanthate 400mgs/week
1-10 deca/400mgs/week

he is 20yrs old,6'3 and weighs 200lbs at about 8%bf is this a good starter cycle if not what should he change??????
35mg's of Dbol?

I think your friend could do fine using 1 or 2 steroids in a first cycle. Save this cycle for #2 or #3
I actually think u should run dbol for first 4 weeks since dbol will kickstqrt ur gains quickly and then once deca and Test kicks in it will start leaning you out. 35 mg ed for first 4 weeks should do great bro. Also run some Adex ( awesome anti e and keep the bloat down) if u can get adex or liquidex run it at .5mg ed for 12 weeks and post cycle use Clomid.
ALso great way for me at least is to run Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 500 iu every 10 days starting @ 2nd week of ur cycle.