My prop owns me


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I made prop at 200mg/mL in EO with 2% BA and 15%BB and also another vial that I had to bring up to 20% BB because it crashed.

I took a shot of the 15% BB one, I injected .75mL (150mg) into my quad last Sunday, it's now Friday and I'm still limping like a bitch.

Big knot, hot to touch, swelled up a bit and looks red. Funnily enough I don't think it's infected as I feel fine, no fever, just really hard to walk properly, and the swelling has gone down a little bit, the quad I injected was 1 inch bigger then the other.

Is it possible that since I made it with 15% BB it's a bit unstable so it's crystallising in my leg? Or if I mixed it with the masteron I also made it might not be as painful? Seriously as it is there's no way I could do a cycle on that stuff, I haven't tried injecting the 20% BB prop yet.
Why dont you try a 100mg version and take 1,5 instead of 0,75? The higher the concentration the higher the pain... Maybe thats the reason why it didnt hurt so bad when mixing with the Masteron.