Need big help with contest cycle plan...


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I'm going to begin my contest prep on the second to last week of February. The contest date is June 7. This will give me exactly 16 weeks of prep.

The problem is is that I started a cycle on January 5, 2003. It's pretty simple, and goes like this:

Wk 1-10: 1 Shot E3D of sust250
Wk 7-13: 75mg EOD fina
Clomid following 2 days after my last fina shot.

I decided to do this contest a few weeks ago, and I've just started my 5th week of my current cycle.

Now the question is this: Do I keep this cycle as is and run it through to finish, or do I stop it, do my clomid therapy, and start a contest cycle?

Here's what I was thinking of doing:

When I finish this cycle, I will be able to do 2 weeks of clomid therapy, and then have exactly 6 weeks until my contest. I don't like jumping on cycles back to back, but it has a purpose and I have a goal in mind. I have all summer to recover from this.

So this is what my cycle could end up looking like:

Wk 1-10: Shot E3D of sust250
Wk 7-13: 75mg EOD of fina
Wk 14-16: Clomid therapy (300mg day 1, 200mg day 2, 100mg for a week, 50mg till end of second week)
Wk 14-16: 28 0.04mg Clen tabs (tab breakdown: .5/1/1.5/2/2/2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5/2/1.5)
Wk 16-contest: 100mg Prop EOD until 5 days out or so
Wk 16-contest: 50mg ED Winstrol (winny)

How does this look?

I know this is an exasperated cycle and it looks very long. I will probably need some Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) to recover and get everything back to normal. There are some important questions if I do this:

1) I was planning on using Prop/Winny/EQ. I don't have EQ listed because I don't know if I need it or not. If I am going to use EQ, I'd probably run it @ 400mg for 10 weeks, so I'd have to start it around the 12 week mark or so

2) I don't like using so many drugs, but I need to prepare for this contest. I want to do well, and I want to give it all I have, diet, training, and gear wise. Is this over the top or not? Be honest, and make suggestions.

If you have a whole better idea, I look forward to any insights you may have. I'm not too sure what to do to come out the best I can. It's not a big show, and it's my first one, but I want to do well and prove it to myself that I can do well.

Thanks for any replies,

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The contest prep will be 16 weeks.

I pretty much have my diet and training regimen planned, so I'm good to go with that respect.

It's just the drugs I need to figure out, and as you can see it looks like a bit of a mess.


hey T...

ok.. first, please tell us your current stats... goal weight for bulking and then your goal contest weight.. that will give me a better idea of how to gauge... also contest prep is 16 weeks after your bulking cycle right??

IMO... keep in the fina and add some halo to get super hard
maybe even some drol to maintain muscularity and size, but then you will need a diuretic...

after your post again, i will try to help some more... :)
Thanks SG! I appreciate the help. I'm still very new and fresh into the competing scene (first contest, first time contest dieting) so I want to learn as much as I can.

Here's stats:

Age: 20 (well, I turn 20 in 1 week)
Height: A bit under 5'11"
Current weight: 222lbs or so
BF: 13-15% (I'll post pics)

The situation is really complicated, so I'll go over it again.

I started a cycle on January 5th. This is exactly 22 weeks out from my competition. At the end of January, I decided to enter this competition. I've been able to add about 5lbs of solid muscle in ~5 weeks I've been on so far, and since I'm using arimidex, I feel and look a whole lot better than before. People have noticed too, so it's not all in my head I suppose. I wanted to add clean size this time, and not get all big and bloated, so I've been eating clean calories only.

I start my contest diet on February 16. This is the 16 week mark. This is where I'm all weary about.

Here's what I have tentatively planned (I won't repost dosages):

Wk 1-10: Sust
Wk 7-13: Fina
Wk 14-16: Clomid Therapy
Wk 14-16: Clen
Wk 16-22: Prop
Wk 16-22: Winny

I don't even know if I should bother with the clomid therapy. Maybe I should start some EQ at the 14 week mark? I'm not sure. I know I am young, and I don't want to be going ballistic on gear. This bulking cycle that I started on Jan 5th was only my second cycle.

I look forward to any advice. I have pretty much anything available to me except anavar/primo/halo.

Thank you,

A back double bicep pose. I never realized how weak my arms look until I look at pictures of them in poses. I'm working hard on them now.
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Since you dont have enough time to take off inbetween cycles i would just do one longer cycle. I am in the same boat as you. I started up jan 5 and my contest is may31. I am also 20 but i turn 21 4 days bf my show. I ended up just running a bulking cycle on into my contest. I will only be dieting for 12 wks though.
Your lookin good bro, pretty lean for 16 weeks out. What weight class are u competing in. I am doing my first show April 5th and I weighted 215lbs at 13%bf and I am 7 weeks out and I am at 190lbs and competing at 176lbs. I am only running some clen and maybe some T3. If I was u I would bulk for a couple of weeks more. It all depends on what weight class your coming in at. Let me know
Thanks for the compliments bro.

I'll be competing in the Junior Open (Under 21, no weight classes), and hopefully I could come in as a light-heavyweight, though that remains to be seen.

I want to come in as ripped as possible, so I'm not too worried about the scale.

I know this is kind of a late reply, but just in case anyone else is wondering what to do in this situation.........
For God sakes, forget about the original cycle and keep going with the contest prep........THERE'S NO OTHER OPTION as far as I'm concerned.

Shit, just keep the test going, maybe start EQ for the duration, add some deca, d-bol or whatever until 6-8 weeks out and then start adding some hardeners......tren, V, prop. Worry about the postcycle Tx after the show.
If you already started the tren for a week or 2, then either keep it going or say fuck it, and cut it out until the 6 weeks out mark. No big deal.