New Cut Cycle Test/Primo/EQ


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Hi all,

Its been awhile since my last cycle and now I'm planning a new 16 week cycle. Last year I ran two lengthy cycles involving a bridge between the two.

My first cycle was 20 weeks and it consisted of

1-20 week - Test 400 @ 400mg / week
1-20 week - Tren E @ 200mg / week
1-28 weeks - HgH @ 4iu daily (started hgh 2 month prior to cycle)
1-20 weeks - Aromisin @ 12.5mg EOD


1-8 weeks - Test 400 @ 300 mg / week

The second cycle was

1-2 week Test 400 @ 400mg / week
3-4 week Test Prop @ 350 mg / week
5-6 week Test Prop @ 300 mg / week
7-8 week test prop @ 250 mg / week
9-10 week test prop @ 200 mg / week
1-10 week Tren E @ 400 mg / week

My bloods were good and I had no complications, and i felt great! PCT was long and $$ (used sarms with pct as well) but I would never do a crazy duration like this again. Especially with tren, I know people can have awful sides with it, mine were sleeping issues and I was super cranky LoL. Anyways I'm looking at a cut cycle that doesn't contain Tren and my UGL rep recommended his favorite of all time cutting cycles, to me the doses look insane but I've never used a few of the compounds before so I'm unsure. Anyway here is what he recommended.

week 1-16 Test Cyp 400mg / week

week 1-16 Eq 900mg / week

week 1-16 Primo E 600mg / week

Aromasin on hand if needed

(I have read that guys run arimidex with their cycle to minimize pct after, is this true?)

pct 10 days of hcg and clomid

Are the doses of primo and eq to high? would appreciate any feedback on doses and what your pct would look like on this.



Welcome! youve given us alot of good cycle data but no personal stats. weight, age, height, cycle goals, bf% etc.


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Sorry!! Totally missed that! I just want to lean out as best as i can, without losing my existing muscle mass. I will be running a calorie deficit diet for the entire cycle (Renaissance periodization RP program). Also wondering if 16 weeks is too long. As a i read that you shouldnt be on a cut diet for longer than 3 months.

thanks all

39 years old
208 lbs
Bf approx 15% - 16%
Looking to get my bf down to the 10% area (like in my profile pic)