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Hello everyone. I'm here looking for some help to steer me in the right direction to get started. I am currently 30 y/o and 6ft 4in @228 pounds. My goals are to get to a point where I have a good amount of muscle. Not the pro body builder type but just a general "jacked" look and feel. Working mostly on upper body. I can't seem to get the muscle gains by doing the gym only. I have a good friend who is currently where i want to be and he also has some gear available that he runs. He says i should ask around on forums and get multiple anwsers besides just his. He seems to think it will be in my best interest to start running T and maybe a low dose of Dbol with it. He's got Test250 10cc bottles and Dbol orals. He's not currently using Dbol but say a low dose will help me pretty good. He says start at 1.5-2cc/week of Test. He also has E blockers that are available to me. Now my issue is tissue haha. I am not fat at all but have a higher BMI then i should at this point and also want to be careful because sense i was in my teens i have had slight man tits so i don't want to increase that. Decrease is another goal.
So thats my general deal and anyones knowledgeable input would be greatly appreciated. Im ready to do this now so if someone can tell me what they think is my best bet i can get started. He's got what sounds like a solid start for me but like he said ask and compare others opinions to his. Thanks
Hi and welcome. What is your bf%? Please do keep reading up in these forums as your friend is wrong about what he is trying to sell you. Please read up up the beginners cycle thread sticky to make sure your going to do it right and proper, and make sure your so called friend also reads it.

Agreed, read all the stickys. Seriously. This will be the fastest way to learn and do things right with getting ready to cycle. Read, Read, and then read some more. Welcome to the Forum
Agreed, read all the stickys. Seriously. This will be the fastest way to learn and do things right with getting ready to cycle. Read, Read, and then read some more. Welcome to the Forum

Holy shit OP this ^^^ is right on. Now welcome to the board. With all respect you have no education with this an this is serious business. You need to read ALL the sticky posts found where you came in to post

Do nothing, buy nothing untill you get educated. We can and will help. That's what we do. I've been in this for almost 40 years. Just start reading please and get back with us.

Good luck n stick around for an education
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Also be aware if this is not something you are sure about you risk never recovering. Keep that in mind some guys start and decide its not for them but already fucked up there natural test.
So Smitty4924 are you still here ? as said we want to help and this is what we do on this forum so it would be a nice thing if you were to respond and let us know if you are hearing us. Tell us if you understand the seriousness and that you are listening. What we are teaching here is the Safest way to use AAS as possible. AND with that statement I tell you it can be safe.

It can be done properly and at your age , 30 , you most probably will recover. I myself, Just me, have not personally known a person that at the age of 30 had done AAS properly and not recovered. I guess there are some, but I don't know any. It is important you use the proper protocol to recover AND to have a good cycle where you make proper gains. Gains of building LMM and not just water and fatty tissue.

I love this life I lead in using safely and not abusing AAS. I will tell you straight up that I really don't know a person personally that has only done one cycle. Another thing to think about. Not to scare you but to let you know most everyone continues to some degree the use, providing they are continuing with their training / working out a way of life. They are not addicting like opiates, crack or other narcotics but hey they work and are a fun type of thing. I think I speak for most everyone that lifting on cycle is a blast. So all the more reason to learn all you can, do it correctly so you cab do it safely and efficiently. Making LMM gains and learning how to eat correctly and controlling your BF% .

Give us a shout and let us know what you are getting out of what all the members and vets here are telling you. Let us know when you have read a sticky or two.


Hey 9er good to hear you out there :wavey:
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Shit another hit and run. His bro-science friend is probably selling him steroids and told him we don't know what we are doing.

Oh well this is what we do.. we can lead them to the water but not force them to drink Lol :dunno: