Going to Army with no PCT - 19nor recovery / Suppression.


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Dear forum,

I am in a bit of a crazy situation now and made an account in hopes to get some help.. Any advice is very much appreciated.

I am a 29 year old male having done 4 cycles before of Test Deca and EQ.

My recent cycle was Test, Deca, Tren a few times and EQ.. I took HCG injections a few times and cycle went from May-October with total around 3cc of compounds like test blend, deca, tren and EQ.

I am suddenly being drafted into the Korean army in Jan next year and having to stop my blast and cruise plan and having to come off without a proper recovery strategy.

If possible I would like to recover in the army but worried my hormones will all be crashed and I will be suicidal because he 19nors will have me shut down..

Is there anything I can do during the next two months to hopefully make this transition possible.. Will I be shut down for life? Should I be taking clomid and nolva before I enlist… Please help me I am desperate and so worried…