No Calves No problem..done under 5 minutes a week


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due to demand for this ill will post it up ..firsat of all i want to make it clear this fukin works a put on size on my calves o problem and i have had lagging claves for a long time untill i used this.. also it worked for me it worked for my mates it will work for you

there are 2 theories to calve training. becasue the muscles group consists of mostly slow twitch red fibres, the potential for growth is limited. slow twitch muscles are desgined for endurance, leaving the persumption that calves should be trained with high reps. the oposite school of thougth is: because the calves are used for performing thousands of reps each day (walking and running) tehy need to be shocked with low reps and heavy weights, light wortk wont work sice the thihck ankle bone and archillies are capable of
withstanding tremondeous amount of pressure, therefore it stands that working calves with a heavy load
would be neccessary ..both theories are correct

heres how its done pick the standing calve raises. pick a wight that you would normally do for 20 reps

complete the 20 rep set untill you cant do any more rest long enough for the burning to subside(no longer than 10 seconds ..this is very important) and continue with as many reps as possible even if its 5 at a time, procedd this fashion till you get to 75 reps

thats it under 5 minutes but a very painfull 5 minutes..

warning you may have difficultty walking after this

once 75 becomes easy increase reps to 100 when that becomes easy increase the wieght and go back to 75 when that becaomes easy go to 100 then increse the weight again when that becomes get the pattern..

the rest part inbetween is very important if you exceed 10 seconds your kidding yourself if you can rest 5 seconds that even better..

this technique by far the most effective for putting on calves

all u ahve to do now is to were shorts to show them off

please keep me updated by pm etc.. to see what you think about this and to see how effective it is for you..

remember to stretch as well after it



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mister69 said:
this is a repost---its been around for quite some time.

IMO dc style calf training is a good.

i did not no its ever been posted but anyways i have found out this to be the most effective way to build thoses calves.

it works i have tried it but its fukin sore

oh shit i forgot.. we have to thank nelson montana for this one