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First of all I now this cycle was poor but unfourtunally it happened thats not what this topic is about. Cycle length 8 weeks TEST E 400mg/wk. post cycle therapy (pct) was started 2 weeks post end of cycle. Day 1 100mg clomid days 2 & 3 50 mg Clomid. After 2nd day of Clomid I started getting severe acne chest, arms, back, even legs. I stopped the Clomid assuming that it raised my test level and that was what was causing the acne. After about a week acne dissipated Through the 8 weeks wieght gain was 20lbs with 10lbs kept after. Three months after I stopped the post cycle therapy (pct) I went to got blood work and everthings (liver enzymes, lipids, cholesterol, test level) within normal limits. Now I know everyone advocates proper post cycle therapy (pct) I was just wondering if anyone out there does limited or no PCT. Was this possibly an aberation due to the short length minimal dose of the cycle. Just looking for thoughts.
Some people bounce back and dont need post cycle therapy (pct) (very rare) You didnt have a big cycle so that why you probably didnt really have any probs bouncing back.
The idea of post cycle therapy (pct) is to get your hpta back up to par as soon as possible. The longer you wait to do that the more gains you are more likley to lose and the more estrogen you have floating around and we all know that having an abundance of girly hormones in our bodies is not good.
You will recover without PCT. It's the length of time that it takes for your testosterone levels, etc to normalize that we want to shorten. It's not that rare for your testosterone production to return to normal after three months.
Yep, everyone is different, it's trial and error. If it's your first cycle too, then people seem to bounce back better. Maybe that's myth but seems to hold true with what I've seen.

Buddy and I just got done with a cycle and he bounced back in record time with very little weight loss, etc. In no time his dick was back poppin, and he was setting new records in the gym, like it was no thing. Me... well, I'm back and post cycle therapy (pct) went very well, but like always, had some libido issues to start that get slowly better and lost a touch of gains, like most do.

Unless you're really abusing your body you'll bounce back, it just depends on how long it'll take. Why not do post cycle therapy (pct) and help your recovery, feel better faster, and get hold on to the most gains you can? Just my $.02. As a side note, my PCTs cost more than my cycle.... lol
I'm pretty sure clomid causes acne and not test. Clomid would bring your test back to normal levels, and if your normal levels never caused acne before why would they do so now? Why don't you try running nolva next time, some including myself, didn't get any sides.
i get acne on test, not clomid.

I'm guilty of not doing post cycle therapy (pct) just to save money in many instances.

I don't lose much weight when off without post cycle therapy (pct) as long as my nutrition is good and my training volume is cut down.The only thing i lose post cycle is the size of my arms.

I tried nolva and i don't like it. It gives me estrogen rebound problems. Clomid is fine but i'd rather save my money.

I'm not sure if this experience is useful info, but i'm back to normal after 3 weeks post cycle of 1250 sus every week, with 1 week usage of clomid 50mg ED.

Oh yea and i hate the feeling post cycle because i feel like a total girl.I get emo and overly self-conscious.If you don't like feeling like a PMS'sing gal, do a proper post cycle therapy (pct) with stuff like HCG, clomid etc.
Yeah I remember reading a study where on a dose of 400mg test that without post cycle therapy (pct) users own test value returned to normal after 2months...of course if you run a good post cycle therapy (pct) then they COULD be back in 2-4weeks...1month extra of piss poor test levels could really eat into ur gains....why take the risk ???