Nolva and Clomid


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What is your experience with these two post cycle and the difference in moodiness and acne?
I don't use either - lifetime Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has it's advantages.....LOL !!

Seriously though, I'll bump this back up top for some real life experiences from those who have used both post-cycle.
The acne is said to be largely from the rapidly changing test levels and shock your endocrine system is experiencing at that point post cycle... I would think the mood changes would be due to the same.

I'm not really sure you would attribute those sides to clomid or nolva really... my pocket drug refs I just checked doesn't even list acne as a side of either (but they are of couse talking of them alone... not with a cycle LOL).. I think my PDR lists acne as "very rare" for clomid and I don't remember seeing it at all for nolva. But then again, they're not talking about how clomid affects males because these aren't prescribed for males.

As I said though, it might just be, for the most part, the cycle AS levels dropping and your body's hormone levels in bigtime flux. I know bros who have used both, and got acne from both... and some who don't see acne from either... depends how prone you are I guess and prolly what your cycle is.
I've read that its changing hormonal levels but also read that its endocrine system stimulation.

On clomid my skin was as fucked up as on dbol.