ohio vs. florida

Florida with the upset. Big ten teams are always a letdown in bowls.
Double3 said:
lol @ Big 10 vs the awesome SEC in bowl games so far...


Thats true. The big ten conference is looking pretty good right now. But I still will take florida in an upset tonight. I think Ohio State is the better team, but I think Urban Meyer will find some way to win.
I like Ohio st, everyone is thinking the same thing as last year is going to happen and its not the favorite is going to kick some but, at least I think
I remeber the last time osu won the championship. A few years ago. That game was freackin close. But in the, osu took it.
texsun said:
You have a point. Ohio State wins.
I have no point. In fact, as the game started I thought, Didn't OSU have trouble with Michigan? Aren't they a bit undertested for the year? Didn't USC crush Michigan, and probably would do the same to OSU?

In fact, UF is the better of the two teams for certain - - far better tested.

Props to UF.
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Can somebody ban Bleachcola before he comes back with the whole I told you so thing?

I pulled for UF all along, so that will keep me in his good graces, but damn it! If I had realized how unbearable he would be...I never would have done it. lol
estray said:
Urban Meyer>genius

Wheres my prize?
Well the game was a good one last night. Osu did not play their best that is for sure. Man they sucked hard core last night.
texsun said:
You have a point. Ohio State wins.

Ummmmm. I stand corrected. I was wrong, not the first time or the last probably. Florida was better when it mattered most.