OK......Here's my final spring cutter!!!


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alright boys.....here we go. This is my second cycle....it's a cutter.

I have done one cycle prior to this....(a bulker)....of Enanthate/EQ/D-bol/Prop

I gained a little too much fat post cycle cause I kept eating the same with no cardio and such.

so here goes.......

Stats: 5'11 207 lbs 17% bf
Goals: " 195 lbs 10% bf

16 weeks overall:

weeks 1-6 Enanthate 250mgs/wk
weeks 1-6 Trenbolone 75mgs/ED
weeks 7-12 Propionate 50mgs/ED
weeks 7-12 Winstrol 50mgs/ED (oral)
weeks 1-16 T-3 12.5 mcgs/ED
weeks 1-16 NYC 1 tab/ED
weeks 1-12 Anastrozole .5mgs/ED
3 days after last prop shot and winny.......Clomid Therapy and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) (with Nolva)

regular supps.....
milk thistle
fish oil
glucos. and chond.
ginger root

I'll be doing a lot of heavy cardio....along with weight training.

my goals may be stretching it a bit...but I think if I really concentrate hard on cardio and diet....I can do it.
alright....well here's the re-vamped cycle.....it's now final.

ok...I re-did the math...and I found out that I have enough tren at 75 mgs to run all 12 weeks....so my cycle will be:

weeks 1-6 250mgs/wk with a 500mg frontload
weeks 1-12 75mgs/ED tren
weeks 7-12 50mgs/ED prop
weeks 7-12 50mgs/ED winny
weeks 1-8.5 t3 as mentioned below. and NYC...2 tabs/ED.


days 1-5 25mcgs
days 6-10 50mcgs
days 11-30 75mcgs
days 31-35 50mcgs
days 36-40 25mcgs
days 41-60 12.5mcgs (for recovering)