Proposed cutting cycle - Test E/Tren/Winstrol/Clen/T3


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Hi all I am going to be doing my first cutting cycle that will last 12-16 weeks. I would like some constructive criticism mainly on diet and anything else that could be done better, many thanks in advance.

Stats 5,8", 28 years old, 170lbs, 23% Bodyfat. I am not a bodybuilder I am into submission grappling along with weightlifting for strength/body com********** I have 5 cycles under my belt but never have done a cutting cycle i tended to do so much cardio between/during cycles that it was never really needed.

I have had some health issues that took around a year to overcome and over that time lost a lot of my previous gains and gained a lot of body fat. I am now ready to get back into the swing of things. I would like to get my body fat percentage around 10% if not into the single digits if that is actually possible in 12-16 weeks.

I have been easing my way back into weightlifting and cardio along with 16/8 IF protocol and also have been on the boiled egg diet with fasted cardio. I have worked my way back to an hour on the bike fasted and have been doing a 4 day upper lower split. I have lost around 15 lbs in the last 6-8 weeks but would like to give the cutting cycle ago to preserve what muscle I have left along with speeding the fat loss process up.

depending on bodyfat percentage I may increase the cycle to 16 weeks but I don't think that will be necessary.

the proposed cycle will consist of:

Test E 600MG per week - Weeks 1-12
Tren E 400MG per week - Weeks 1-10
Winstrol 50MG per day - Weeks 7-10
Clenbuterol Weeks 4+5 and 8+9
T3 Weeks 4-10 (is 7 weeks of T3 too long/too short etc?)

Clenbuterol dosage protocol:
Days 1-3 40mcg Clenbuterol
Days 4-6 60mcg Clenbuterol
Days 7-9 80mcg Clenbuterol
Days 10-12 60mcg Clenbuterol
Days 13-14 40mcg Clenbuterol
2 Week pause with the Clenbuterol and repeating this same schedule weeks 8+9

T3 dosage protocol:
Weeks 4-5 25mcg T3
Weeks 6-8 50mcg T3
Week 9 25mcg T3
Week 10 12.5mcg T3

I like IF 16/8 while eating clean during my 8 hour eating window but i am thinking maybe i eat 6+ meals per day (every 3 hours) and keeping the meals clean and keeping a 500-700 calorie deficit from maintenance calories.


1) What would be best for me diet wise out of the two above options or is there a better way of dieting for this cycle?

2) It is my first time running Clen and T3 so I have opted to start with smaller dosages while monitoring my BP and getting bloodwork done.
Are these dosages too low and a waste of my time or will I see good gains from these dosages?

3) If I can meet my weight loss goals mid way through the cycle would it be ok/effective to extend the cycle to 16-20 weeks and finish with a bulk/strength focus continuing the same AAS dosages dropping the clen and T3 and perhaps finishing with a 4 week run of Anadrol?

Sorry for the 10 million words, big thanks to anyone that read all of that and is able to give me some constructive criticism/tips etc.