OT cyber rights unable to generate keys...


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Ok, Im wondering if anyone can tell me what to do about this. When I try to send e-mails to people who dont have an @cyber-rights.net e-mail I get an error that says its unable to process keys or something and then it asks would you like to send the message unencrypted. What can I do about this?
Either send it unencrypted, or don't. Or tell them to get an email account that supports hushmail encryptions, so you can encrypt them. Cyber-Rights, Hushmail, or Elitefitness are the 3 I know.
Ziplip sucks IMO. I don't know why I used it for as long as I did. I really don't think it is very secure at all unless ou are emailing in the secured mode to someone else with a ziplip address
Cyber-rights can only send encrypted messages to those e-mail systems that use the "hush encryption engine". Those e-mail servers would be:


Ziplip uses it's own PGP encryption. Keptprivate uses it's own as well.

So if you're sending to someone not on a system listed above you must uncheck the encrypt button or say ok to send unencrypted.