Need help on cutting cycle losing bf %


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Hey guys . So im 35 y.o . 220lb maybe 10% bf now . 5' 7" . Training 10 years . Running 500mg test e , tren 600mg , winstrol 120mg . My goal weight is around 210 lb .

Ive never done a proper cut or know how . I dont compete . So getting lean for me is seeing what i can achieve and makes me feel good . So ive never counted calories for weeks and then incrementally slowly dropped them. I have always "winged it " cutting a meal or 2 out randomly and just lose weight . Not the best approach i know now . This time about 6 weeks ago I was eating and counting 2600 cal , couple weeks later i dropped them 2000cal . Now I'm near 1500 cal . In a matter of a month and half . I dropped from 246lb to 220 . I should have dropped my calories more slowly and gradually week after week in about 300-500 cal deficit increments i know now . But i dropped calories too quickly and drastically . In a video i watched this guy mentioned I may have now trapped myself . That I cut calories so fast my body is now starving and could have juiced more weight loss potential eating more calories and have stalled the process , messed up this year's cut , trapped myself and now need to start over , gain the weight back and need to start over . Is this true ? My weight for 2 weeks now hasn't gone down past 219lb . It wont budge . 2 years ago I reached 208lb with ease just winging it . That was this years goal . I've been so strict with my diet this year and have just stalled in losing weight now for 2 weeks. I feel like eating what I am , only about 1500 cals at the moment I should be losing much quicker . I'm very active . Working painting . Active all day long, train 5 days a week for an hour and a half every night . Past 2 weeks body wont go under 219lb . Every morninf weigh in . Did I mess this cut up ?
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