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Anyone here have a personal training cert? Was offered a job at my gym and thought it may be an easy way to make some extra $$$. Not looking to make a living out of it, but I get off work at 3:00 everyday and my gym is open until 10:00 so I could easily fit in a couple sessions a day.

Anythoughts on the best cert to get? Looked at Maybe ACE, or ISSA can get either one for about $400-$500 so it is not a huge investment.

So my question is what is a good accredited cert, like I said I dont want to do this for a living, but need something to back me.

a lot of trainers i know just have their can-fit pro... and they make pretty damn good cash..
i can find out for you tho because one of my good friends has all of his qualifications for it
ace is probably the easiest of the top certs to get. the gym i used to work with doesnt accept that anymore though. i just got nasm certified- they reccomen that youstudy for about six months (no joke), and it is by far the most involved and in my opinion , the best to get. i'd start by asking your gym if they have a preference, then go with it. ace is about 400.00 for the materials and the test, nasm is about 600.00+. if your in it for the long term go with nasm, just trying to make something happen on a budget -ace. good luck-pm me if you want a good deal on some used study materials :)
So it does take 6 months to study??

I will look into NASM and NCSA. Like i said it will be side $$$, and I will talk to my gym and see what they want. I train at a "Fitness" center where they cater to families and shit like that. No loud music, chalk, dropping weights, etc... Half the gym is taken up by cardio equiptment and machines for circuit training so i would be training mostly middle age people who will be in the gym for about 1 month and then I wont see them until the following year.

Anyway if anyone else can help me out it would be much appreciated.

the NASM test was a fucking joke. it took me 40 min to own it. i studied for 8 hours the night before and that was unneeded.
still probobly one of the best certs to have though my NCSF was actually a harder test.
I came across this old thread while searching. Anyway I've been looking into personal training awhile now. Can't seem to get a straight answer. I was looking at ace, being I can get a good deal on used study materials. Can anyone recommend a certificate that would be acceptable at almost any gym in the U.S? Would ace do it?
GO through NSCA or ACSM. I wouldn't settle for ACE. NSCA and ACSM are top notch. Depending on your education level, you may or may not have to study much. If you have a college degree is an exercise related field, it should require little studying. However, if you do not have a degree and are unfamilar with a lot of physiology/training, I would check out the recommended study materials.