Post cycle therapy (pct) help


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PCT help

My cycle is as follows: weeks 1-8 500 mgs test cyp / weekly, 80 mgs tren ed,
weeks 8-14 750 mgs sustanon weekly, .5 arimidex eod.
What should i run and what dosages for pct?? I have clomid and nolv on hand , just am not sure about the dosages..... should i run adex also???
I'd run clomid as follows:

Days 1-14: 100mgs per day
Days 15-21: 50mgs per day

For the nolvadex:

Days 1-28: 20mgs per day

And I would run arimidex with your PCT:

.25mgs every day for 21 days or else .5mgs every other day for 21 days.