Proscar best effetcs


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I fI run a cycle of test 250/mg per week during 10 weeks instead of doing a 500/mg per week during 6 weeks, I would be increasing the Proscar chances to inhibit DHT?

or no, the side effects will be the same even in 250mg or 500 mg of test and what I just got to do it's to increase the proscar dosage per week in the 500/mg cycle?

See ya

ps: inhibiting DHT I would be reducing my muscle gains?
Not sure exactly what your question is, so I'll answer anyway, LOL.

Finasteride (Proscar, Propecia) start inhibiting DHT right away. If you're looking to save your hair though, and know you have a problem, then start taking the Finasteride before you start your cycle, as it can take a couple of months before it actually stops hair loss.

I'd just take a 1/4 tab of Proscar a day for both of those cycles.

I don't think it will reduce your gains, but for 3% or so of people, reduced DHT can cause sexual side effects.
Hi Austin, so Proscar do take some months till start acting?

I Know Proscar take 4 months till show some results ( like hair growth), but I didn't know that Proscar would take some months till start inhibiting DHT