Protein customizer


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I know some of you guys here have used them. wanted to know what would be a good formual to use.i want a basic protein noo added carbs but not just a straight whey . i was thinking about a mix of milk, whey and egg protein. what do you think
i dont knoiw what to say about a mixture but, i just got in my order of 30 lbs of whey concentrate(plain flavor) for like 100 bucks. mixed with any beverage i cant even taste it. awsome stuff. ill order from them again.
i heard hamburgers were an excellent source of protien

on a serious note, i think id jsut stick with like half and half whey isolate and whey CFM
I go 35% micellar casein, 35% milk protein isolates and 30% CFM WPI. I use it when ever, except post work-out. For 20lbs shipped I paid $172 and I live on the west coast.