Question about Masteron - Taurine enough to alleviate painful pumps?


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Hey 'Ology Fam-

Hope all is well. Been a long time since I've been on 'ology, so just thought I would drop a quick line, and get some feedback regarding anyone's experience with masteron.

Current Stats (3.5.17):
* Age: 38
* Height: 5'9"
* Weight: 187lbs
* Bodyfat: ~11.5%
* Background: 17+yrs training experience; Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT; NASM - CES; NSCA, CSCS);
11+yrs experience in MMA (Kajukenbo)

Cycle experience:
* 1st (in 2014) - test e: 500mg/wk for 12 weeks; AI: aromasin (12.5-25mg ed - liquidstane was strong!); HCG 500iu/week; proper PCT w/clomid/novla; full recovery (blood work to support)
Overall, great results and felt amazing
* 2nd (in 2016) - test e: 600mg/wk & mast e: 700mg/wk for 16 weeks; oral winny tabs for last 6 weeks (week 11-16) at 60mg/day; HCG 500iu/week; AI (liquidstane - 12.5mg ed - mast and winny dried me the eff out); proper PCT w/clomid/novla; full recovery.
(Also, nutrition fully dialed in -- first run, paleo focused; 2nd run, keto...and wow, keto is phenomenal)

The 2nd run (last year) was awesome--developed the best physique of my life. Not making any earth-shattering claims here, but it was a personal accomplishment for sure -- 178lbs; ~6.8% BF. I finished last year's cycle about 3 days before going on vacation (in central America) for 17 days, and had an absolute blast---can't remember getting that much female attention in my life -- screwed smoking hot latin women like it was my job. The mast and test esters were no doubt still doing their thing bc I was on fire -- aka peter north lol. it was perfect.

An amazing time, with one exception....I had horribly painful pumps in my shoulders when surfing. To add insult to injury -- met up with this turbo smoking hot female surf instructor, and we were having a blast; but each time we went surfing, about 20-30 minutes into it, I had to call a timeout (and a couple times had to stop all together) due to the fact that I literally couldn't lift my arms, much less paddle out to the line up. There were times when I couldn't even carry the surfboard after we got back in, and she of course busted my balls when that happened. This was such a downer....had plenty of stamina/endurance from training and eating right, and my cardio was tip top, but my shoulders crapped out in no time - it sucked. I was taking taurine; 500mg tabs - 2 -4x/day (total of 1-2g/day), and this helped a little bit....

I'm sure Winny was the main culprit, but I also recall getting pretty painful pumps in the gym before even starting the oral winny tabs. Has anyone had issues with pumps to the point of it cramping your style? lol. I'm planning on going back to CR later this summer, and I'm a bit torn bc while I know my first cycle (test e) definitely increased all around performance; there's no question that mast was playing a HUGE role in last summer's experience (overall appearance, confidence and sexual performance). In addition to leaving Winny out of the picture, perhaps it would make sense to keep the mast e at a lower dose? However, from what I've read, Mast really "shines" between 600mg - 800mg -- Any suggestions? Are there any other supplements that could help combat this issue?

Thank you in advance for reading my short story - your input is much appreciated!