Questions before I start, Test E 500 mg/w Dbol 30mg/d


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I posted in the wrong part of the forum, ugh. okay writing it again -

i'd LIKE to do a 8-9 week dbol cycle with my test e, but I can't find any info everyone runs it 1-4 dbol then 12 weeks test e... why is that ?

Ideally I'd like to do this

weeks 1 - 8 dbol 30mg 3 times a day
weeks 1 - 9 test 500 mg / week ( 250 mg two times per week )
week 3 - 8 HCG 250 UI every 4 days
week 1 - 8 arimidex .5 mg daily


Clomid : 50/50/25/25
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Any tips or advice would help, thanks guys !

Weight : 200
BF % : 17
trained 4 years
Height 5,8


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Dbol is liver toxic. Run it for 8-10 weeks and you will damage your liver. The fact that you don't know this is a big red flag. You also need to run liver support like NAC and TUDCA.

Sounds like you need to do more research before you potentially damage your body.

You didn't provide your age.

If this is your first cycle you should stick with test only. You need to know how your body reacts to test alone as it will be the base of all future cycles. You need to know how to manage e levels and aromatization and you won't be able to determine which compound is responsible for which portion of your amortization if you run two compounds together first go.

There's other issues with that cycle but please advise if this is your first go and we'll take it from there.



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I'll add a few more red flags.. 9 weeks with a long ester test like enanthate is a very short cycle as you won't reach saturation until week 5 or 6 then it'll start decreasing test levels at week 10.
Short cycle use short ester like prop. Dbol will also aromatize and will change the dose of the Adex or aromasin whichever you choose


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Read read read all the info you need is here in the stickies and we're all kool here, well help you as much as we can but you have to help yourself first. Just skimming over the stickies will make u realize why everone is making all tthe red flag comments . Knowledge is power bro this is your body and your hormones alot can go wrong quick.


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Sounds like you are a noob. Not a problem here but please take advice. This is your first cycle, I can tell. Just do a little test for 8-12 weeks with a proper pct. Just to feel your body out. Do not add orals or anything else.