Qv Eq


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Isn't $75 for QV EQ domestic cheap? Not complaining about the cheapness but that almost seems too low. What do you guys think?
Thats a pretty average price IMO. Not too cheap.
You can get it for cheaper or more expensive, Depents on the source you're dealing with.
thats a good price i would pay. not too high, but not the lowest i have seen. Seems as the price for mex gear has been climbing recently, that is why i go underground for everything.
This local guy is trying to sell it for 150 dollars. He said it was because it is summer and I said fuck off,lol.
lmao ya.......you know hes doubling it the fucker.........find a good sorce you'll get better prices!!!!! i was buying to 50cc enthate for 110
im finding 50ml of enanthate for 160. good enough i guess. i was paying way more than that for IP shit. ill be happier with QV. i know its good shit.
Yeah $75 is average. I've seen it for $65 but I hate ordering shit from 2 different people because you have to pay damn $50 in shipping/WU fees for each order.