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Everytime someone asks for info we are all quick to tell them to research what they are taking ( as they should) , However the research does not end there . You should also research the penalties for what you are taking , If you have knowledge of what will happen to you (and what will not) you will be able to deal with it better in case something goes down , If you are using your source to place orders for all your buddies at the gym do not order every thing at once ,space them out and pay the extra shipping costs ( a good source will do this anyways) Look into lawyers BEFORE you need one (prepare for the worst) , Most importantly if you find yourself in trouble SHUT YOUR MOUTH ,if your prepared for the penalties , maybe we can stop all this rolling over on good sources for what usually would amount to nothing more than a misdemeanor !
Just keep in mind that you are choosing to do something that is, like it or not, against the law. Be sure and remember that when making these important decisions.
more importantly

Loose Lips Sink Ships!

keep you mouth shut at the gym and to anyone except people u know u can 100% trust i.e. training partner, doctor, close family member.