Running anavar 50mg ed on TRT/keto


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TRT guy here, had stable bloods since February (started in November), been on strict keto for almost 8 weeks now going strong, was just wondering how effective would anavar be to run side-by-side? (I'll be going from <20g carbs a day to <50g carbs a day in about a month's time)

I've had a 2 month cycle (50mg/day) sitting at home for months now. I haven't touched a PED in almost 2 years, but despite already losing close to 25lbs, I haven't really seen an intricate amount of muscle gain, mostly worried about the risks.

I work an extremely physically demanding job and when I'm home I do endurance powerlifting and resistance training 4-5 days a week for at least 90mins. Will it just be a waste of time or is it worth trying out?

Stats are:

6'4" 180lbs about 8-12% (it says 8% but eh...) according to the Navy Body Fat Calculator. I'm trying to get that real clean lean look before I start bulking, I want to be as lean as humanly possible before I start clean bulking.

I've floated the idea of blasting and cruising, mostly worried about too high a fluctuation of my levels, but feel like my testosterone is already in a good place, but on TRT alone it isn't anything extreme most guys would think it is.
Hi bro, about your muscle gains, whats your training routine like? work out each day? whats your total foon intake look like?
You're 6'4" and only 180 pounds. You are either extremely skinny or skinny fat. I'm not trying to be mean but that weight/height is pretty scrawny.

Steroids isn't your problem. You need to be training better. Lift heavy. Go hard. That along with a caloric surplus and sufficient protein will pack on some muscle. In all seriousness, pick up the fork. I really suspect that your training and diet are the problem. Get that part fixed and then you can run a cycle.
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4-5 times/week I do high endurance, rep-based core powerlifting and I'm a journeyman scaffolder working mega hard everyday lifting for a living. My job is basically a workout with a good 15,000 steps a day farmer walking 50-100lbs all day. Macros are usually 300g of clean protein, I'm on a 25% caloric deficit for cutting on keto. I eat an insane amount of food that I never could do on any other diet, lost 25lbs in less than 60 days. Looking for more muscle definition before I go hardcore bulking back up over 200.

I'm planning on doing a keto clean bulk, not really looking at gear as I'm already on TRT.
I'm trying to get as cut as humanly possible before bulking and I got anavar just sitting around. Gaining weight isn't a problem for me, I could easily get back up to 220 when I start reintroducing carbs again, but I want to notch that body fat as low as possible, so when I gain, it doesn't just go to my gut.
The big thing adding anavar now would do -- or any AAS -- is help minimize muscle loss. When you are in a caloric deficit, you are going to lose some muscle mass. There's no way around it. But you can try to minimize it.