separating carbs and fats

Mr. dB

Angry Old Curmudgeon
For those of you who do not take carbohydrates and fats in the same meal, how much time do carb and fat meals need to be separated? Thanks.

The way I have been doing it lately is,I take my protein/carb meals the first half of the day,then eat my protein/ fat meals the last half of the day.That way I don't eat carbs before bed,it has been working good for me.
yeah that's the ideal way to do it road dog but i have to workout in the evenings and therefore i focus my carb intake around my trianing. John berardi recons that the fat loss will still happen like the way im doing it but you'd probably notice faster results the way you are doing it :)
i usually separate mine 3hours apart, but for the most part i eat the C+P previous to my workouts and after i stick with P+F meals