Hgh carbs and dose time questions


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Hi people,thinking on add hgh at 3ui per day splitted in 2 doses with test eq 20 week cycle that will start in no much time but have some hg questions before start

I readed that best time is 3-5 am first dose and then early in the morning but if i sleep all night and dont wake up. Would do you do one shot on empty stomatch at morning then eat my protein/egg with fats? Or would do you wait 1 hour for eat ?

And if i train at 4-5 pm would do you make the shot after workout after the protein shaker ?

And about carbs

Right now i only eat 100g of carbs on 2 meal 30-60 min before go train, is like 70 g of carbs per day,would do you add carbs(white oats) with the protein shaker after workout or would be bad while on gh?or will have insukin spike problems for eat carbs before and after workout ?

Hope u can help me with that questions want to have all checked before do anything with hgh