Serious question about testosterone and increased attention from the opposite sex


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I've decided to live celibacy for the coming future.
Its not that i'm opposed to sex or dont want it (i've sneaked a few one night stands in, but dont really count them..)

The actual reason is that I went back to not only one, but two exes. Granted had not seen or talked to them in years and we just randomly meet and clicked again...but there's always a reason shit ended in the first place...specially with party girls.
Its hella fun but its so empty in the long run, i'm getting older and want to start building a family and raise kids.
I also cant party like I used too lol...

The "issue" is that I look like 20-25 (babyface...) and on top of that, i'm only attracted to 20-25 year olds...which doesn't offer much foundation to build something serious on to begin with...

And after 1.5 wild years with exes and then another 6 months overcompensating and pretty much fucking anything softer than my wall...
I came to the realization that I need to start making the decisions and not the other dude, because that will only be bad choices with different intents than what I'm actually looking for and want in my life. the same time, that means I will have to compromise which isn't really something i'm good at...
I want it all basically and until I can articulate what it is that I actually want... I'm just not gonna seek out and look for it and definitely not gonna try and substitute love with sex anymore...

thanks for putting it all out there. good stuff.


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Hello, i've experimented with this phenomenon for almost 2 years now but without steroids it has only been possible to replicate this on nofap streaks of 2 weeks or more (no ejaculating for that long) its mainly due to androgen receptors. Also meditating helps (lowering cortisol, freeing up androgen receptors) and keeping a low dopamine baseline. This may sound like hogwash to most of you but it is absolutely true. With steroids it is much easier to replicate this phenomenon though (female attraction). I have a few questions for you OP;

Do you smoke, drink alcohol or do anything that is considered "dopamine binging" such as browsing too much youtube, reddit, playing video games, watching tv shows or do you live a very clean life? Little to no caffeine, no sugar etc.