Shelf life of Testosterone Cyp????


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My endocrinologist will not extend my RX without a doctor visit and I can get in for two weeks. My RX ran out. You would have thought they had a day on this in medical school. I have a 2019 expiration date bottle handy. Safe? It's been stored in the dark in a drawer. I leave for vacation Monday.

Everyone PM me any other TRT options. This whole doctors office thing is not working. I have great insurance but am thinking of just paying direct to not have the hassle. Plus, I can tell my doctor off.
Be careful how you worded that or youll get scammed

On the other question- the test will be fine. Have at er
as long as its been in a cool dark place it will be good to go.
and yes be careful with asking everyone to pm you as some will surely try to scam you and sell you ill gotten goods.