Should I save or add the Test Enanthate?


Gettin Swole
I have been on a cycle now for 6 weeks. I plan on running my cycle for 10-12 weeks. I have been running Sustanon and Trenbolone, Sustanon at 750mg for the first 4 weeks and I have cut it down to 500mg for the last 4 weeks. Im only running 8 weeks of sustanon. I just started the Tren about 2 weeks ago at 75mg eod and Im gonna bump it up to 150mg eod. Im running this for weeks 5-12. Now my question is I just got 7ml of Test Enanthate from my good friend and I was wondering If I should throw that in also. It is only 200mg strength but I am running other types of test as well i.e. (Sustanon), so I was thinking it may be benificial.

What do u guys think. Input would be greatly appreciated.

It depends...what are your goals? How are your results so far?

You also have to take into account that if you run the test enanthate with the tren till the end of the cycle, you will have to wait 3 weeks after your last test shot for to start the clomid properly.

If you are looking to lean out, I'd leave the test out, and just run the tren 75mg ed...and start the clomid a few days after that last tren injection.

Depends on your goals bro...want to add mass? Add the test. Want to lean out, leave the test out.
Yes, if you want to keep on bulking you could add some more testo.
But the susta you're still having will "cover" even the last weeks on trenbolone and you could cut a little (summer is here...) and start clomid a couple of weeks earlier.
It does only depend on your goals.
IMO just save it for another cycle.Like the guys said,just finish on the Tren and you will be able to start your Clomid right away