Should I start First Cycle now, or wait until the summer?


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Hey so I’ve been away from this site for awhile, because I got banned a couple months ago. I stupidly asked for sources, and have since learned my lesson ha. I now have 2 cycles on hand, and I’m just trying to decide when I want to start. My cycle is as follows:
10 weeks 500mg Test E
10 weeks 500mcg HCG
.5mg arimidex once a week for 10 weeks
Nolvadex and Clomid for PCT

2nd cycle is the same but with 40mg Tbol ED added on the last 4 weeks of test. I also have extra aromasin and clomid from a different supplier for an emergency.
I have blood work ordered already, I just haft to drive up there lol.

In the last 4 months I have cut down from 185 to just under 170. With careful dieting my bench press 1RM only decreased from 285 to 270. I don’t squat or deadlift, I do Plyometrics for the lower body. (Need to be able to show my players “what’s up” if they wanna test me in a sprint). I eat about 3,000 calories at the moment and make sure to at least keep my protein intake above 200g each day. This is a struggle because I’m trying to decrease my meat intake to near zero. (I eat a disgusting amount of lentils with brown rice). I’m 5’9” and am not sure of BF%. I have the calipers to measure it, just a matter of finding them in the attic lol.

My question is if I should start my first cycle now or wait until the fall so I can do a serious Bulk. I know as a first timer It would be slightly wasteful to use them this summer. I’m also already prone to back acne, so that sucks for when me and the wife hit the pool lol. It’s straight though because she is a dime, and I’m sure no one would notice any “Bacne” on me if we are together lol. I also am not to fond of giving up my newly cut physique for test water retention.

The problem is that I have summers off, and the MMA gym I train at is open 6+ hours a day. That would be amazing compared to the measly 3 hours a week I can fit into my schedule at the moment. So I would like to know how much will being on cycle reduce the chances of overtraining? Naturally there is no chance I could even train more than 2 hours a day if I go 4 days a week without being counter-productive. That pisses me off especially since I’ve already had to dial my workouts waaaaaaay back on the calorie deficit I have now. Seriously I’m working a simple 3 day split with big 3 min rests between sets and only a couple compound lifts to each workout. That really aggravates my small man syndrome especially since we just hired a new big ass coach that shows off his 340 bench press max to our players every chance he gets. He also uses that to argue that he knows more about lifting than me. It’s absolutely no use trying to explain to him that I’m cutting, and I’m almost twice as strong as him pound-for-pound. (This guy is about 100 lbs heavier and about 5 inches taller) Anway rant is over, so does anyone think the pros of starting now instead of later outweigh the cons?

I also started 200mg each of GHRP-2 and MOD GRF ED just to try it 5 days ago. It’s cool, really just doing it to relieve some of this excitement to start my cycle. I really enjoy the flushed feeling from it. It’s kinda weirdly comforting. I guess I could just keep using that for awhile. Seriously though I just wanna train like an animal instead of this gay ass natty “Gotta be careful” training.

Just something y’all might think is funny: Me and that new coach we’re talking about gear the other day, and I told him what I was planning to cycle. He was like “nah man test isn’t gonna do much. You just need to keep it simple. Forget all that other stuff and just get you some tren lol. I just told him I already had my cycle so maybe next time. We are actually good friends, he just has that stereotypical alpha male personality so he tries to assert dominance all the time lol. I’m just glad I found this site or I may have been running tren with no ancillaries or pct for my first cycle right now lol.


cycle plan looks awesome.

now about this so called coach, no test just tren for cycle?? sounds like that coach needs to come here and learn and stop
fucking people up.
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.5mg of arimidex ED would be a better choice, best to keep sides at bay than waiting for them to pop up.


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Anway rant is over, so does anyone think the pros of starting now instead of later outweigh the cons?

I don't really understand the rationale of your question. Are you expecting this cycle to have a negative impact on your appearance? And that would be ok in the winter but not summer?

For what you've lined out 500 Test E/wk taking 0.25 mg adex EOD will keep the bloat at bay. No guarantees on the back acne, I personally get it on my upper arms.


bro im like 3% bf i swear
Bulking is gay. Why not just put on lean muscle? My recommendation is quit with the bulk and cut mentality and just look great year round!


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Haha I guess I should have cut out most of the bull in the post. We are state testing right now, so I have waaay to much down time at work. So really I just want to start the cycle right now so I can train more frequently at the gym because I will have that time off, but I’ve always heard it’s a waste of your first cycle not to be eating as much as possible. So I was just kinda was brainstorming on the pros and cons of starting now or in the fall.

Ok so I’m glad I got the input on the AI, i had that pretty messed up. So would it be better to start with .25mg ED and go up to .5 if needed after blood work? Or would it be better to start with .5 ED and go down to .25 if needed after blood work?

Yeah and him giving advice on a Tren only cycle is pretty scary when you think about how bad he could fuck someone up. The sad thing is that most people would probably take his advice over mine because he has higher numbers on his lifts.

Hey and why would someone sell a guy just tren for a cycle at the gym. I mean obviously the guy selling knows how a cycle works based on the eye test, so how could they do that to someone? I’m only asking this because it seems like a lot of people post on boards for help because they just started injecting the stuff that someone sold them at the gym. I’m asking because the coach wanted to hook me up with his “guy.” I don’t need a source, but even if I did I would never trust a shitty person like that with something that’s going in my body. I just can’t believe there are people willing to let someone do a dangerous cycle just to make some money out there. But I guess it’s easy to forget that steroids are illegal drugs just like all the others, so the people dealing are still drug dealers lol. I would just rather believe that my source had a deep calling to help people live out their dreams as super heroes, and they brew everything with love in a beautiful state of the art lab lol.