Skipping for cardio?


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Just wondering your thoughts on skipping for cardio. Also, i think it's pretty intense, moreso than you have a good skipping routine? IE 1 min on 1 min off or something like that?
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Please tell me you are talking about jumping rope....if so than yes, it can be a great workout but I think of it as more of an addition to cardio rather than a replacement.
I mean gallantly frolicking about through the gym like a fairy lol. Yeah, i mean jumping rope. I guess its a little much to do for 30 min, maybe the last 5 min of a cardio session.
as silly as it might sound, just plain old skipping is a very intense and difficult cardio workout. just try skipping a block down your street and you'll see what i mean. skipping and bounding are staples i use with the guys i train. it does work , but i will agree that it looks and feels pretty gay while doing it.......but i guess squats arent the most mascline thing either
Yes, it is a great cardio exercise. Just watch out, over time you might develop shin splints and those are killer :(
I swear to God, i was moving this to the convo lounge so they could have a look at this, until i saw the part about skipping rope.
it's definitely very good cardio. i jump for as many reps as i can manage till i get winded and/or shins pain. then i stop for a few seconds (usually less than 30) to catch my breath and repeat. anything over 300 reps (total reps) at the moment done in this way is a good cardio workout for me - i'm around 230lbs, bf is probably 15-20 and i'm also asthmatic and cardiovascular conditioning isn't great right now. (i'm also doing 10 repper deads and a single set of 20 squats)
I've skipped rope quite a bit through my assosciation with boxing a muay thai. I'd bet most people on this board couldn't do 10 minutes of it. It's alot harder work than most realise espescially if it's done right. Try and work yourself up to 10 minutes of brisk skipping and stretch after.