Slin Question


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Well I have been expirimenting with slin for the last couple of weeks with great results. But now I would like to start using 10iu of Hum-r before breakfast. How does this look:

10 am: wake 10iu followed by a carb force drink and 80 grams of whey protein.

11 am- large meal high in protein moderate cards and low fat

1 pm-large meal high in protein moderate cards and mod fat

2pm workout for 1 hour then 10 iu of hum-r with another carb force and 80 grams of whey protein

5 pm large meal with high protein mod cards low fat

8 pm large meal same as above

11pm large meal same as above.

Do I have everything timed right? Any adives would be greatly appreciated.

Also one other queston. Do they make syrenges that are smaller that 100units? Its hard to measure out 10 units on a 100 unit pin. One CC does equell 100units right?
your plan looks safe, but personaly id use humalog post workout instead of humalin, but its realy not that big of a diference. i have seen 30 iu syringes i believe but i dont remember were. i dont have any probs using the standard u100 1 cc slin pin at all. easy enough to measure.
So with the 100 iu pins I should just measure out 10 units? That seems like a very small amount in that large syrenge. Do you think it would be safe, I mean keeping all that slin in my system for most of the day?
youll be fine. just keep your diet very clean. ive used 20+ iu's of humalin and humagolg before with no probs. just be smart and safe. yes measure out 10 units if thats what you want. its actualy pretty acurate. ive never had any probs. even using 4 iu's i think they are still pretty accurate.