First Insulin use - help & advice needed!


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Ok so firstly I have done a lot of research and I’m looking into running low doses of slin along side my GH however I can’t find many protocols that fit my training. Basically I have been running GH at 4iu for around 3+ months and have been in/out of AAS cycles.
I’m currently running a c***se at 600mg test.e per week with 4iu GH using the 5/2 protocol - 2iu AM + 2iu PWO. I’m now looking to add 2iu slin post workout. I have adjusted my diet to higher carb, lower fat & pushing cals slowly. In general it’s bang on every day.
Now my main question is food timings following a FASTED workout. A lot of protocols conform around eating pre, I however have found that makes me sluggish and tend to train better fasted. Half way through my workout I add 25g dextrose. Am I better spiking my natural insulin with a high GI carb + protein immediately post then 30/60 minutes later taking the slin with another high GI carb meal followed by some low GI later in the day + perhaps an additional high GI 2 hours or so after slin?

Advice and thoughts please guys?!


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When I saw the 600 mg/wk c r u i s e I thought you were probably somebody with a whole lot of experience, so I guess you know what you are getting into.

Others may argue this can be done safely, but to me insulin use is flying too close to the sun. Seems to me all the guys who die at 50 +/- 2 years were using slin, and there is probably a correlation.


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so why are you doing a slin cycle here, you must share your stats bro of you want help, insulin can kill you if not properly monitored.


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Keep glucose tabs close by.

Copy paste just to inject some info for people researchin

*"Mild hypoglycemia

Symptoms of low blood sugar may include:

sweating and clamminess
lightheadedness or dizziness
mild confusion
anxiety or nervousness
rapid heartbeat
double vision or blurred vision
tingling in the lips or around the mouth

These signs indicate a mild or moderate case of hypoglycemia. However, they still require immediate attention so they don't lead to dangerously low blood sugar. People who have low blood sugar levels should eat 15 grams of a fast digesting carbohydrate, such as glucose tablets or a high-sugar food. High-glucose foods include:

f r u i t. juice

Your symptoms should improve within 15 minutes of eating. If they don';t, or if a test shows your levels are still low, repeat the steps above until your blood sugar level is above 70 mg/dL. If your symptoms still don't improve after three treatments, seek medical help immediately. Also, be sure to eat a meal after treating a low blood sugar reaction.

Severe hypoglycemia

More severe symptoms of hypoglycemia, sometimes referred to as diabetic shock or insulin shock, include:

concentration problems

If a person becomes unconscious due to too much insulin, call 911. All people on insulin should have glucagon available. It counteracts the effects of insulin. Family members or emergency personnel will typically need to inject it."*
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Also what kind of GH are you running? 4 iu's of generic is gonna get your skin looking pretty but that's about it.