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I have become the newest rep for sarmssearch.com and I recived a 30 ml 100 mg a ml bottle to have my wife try. It's supposed to be comparable to Anavar and a great fat burner I will update her journal 2-3 times a week she stopped taking oral Anavar today so she can give her true experiance with the s-4. I'll post diet weight gain or loss and her workouts. Sarmssearch are good people I have been a mod or a vet for 20 years on many boards and I have ever only reped for two ugl. I am very picky on who I back and from what I can tell these guys care about product quality and there customers I put my name behind them and u will get a 100% true journal from me on this product if it sucks or has sides I'll tell u I trust them or there is no way I would let my wife use the product.
I found this about s-4 here and thought I would post in in this thread

Anadrine is a S.A.R.M or SARM for shot, which is a selective androgen receptor modulator with one of the most androgenic, being 1/3 the strength as of testosterone at binding to the androgen receptor. Acetamidoxolutamide or S4 is fast acting and its half life is of 4 hours. It may be able to reduce the size of prostate if used at a honest dosage which is why SARM’s is being looked at as replacement for Androgen Deprived Therapy or ADT for short. One of s4’s great attributes is the fact that it causes a drying out/hardening effect of the muscle along the tightening of the skin. It does in turn bind extremely well to the androgen muscle tissue receptors, leading to more lean body mass which is why you as bodybuilder would want to get your hands on some as quickly as possible

S4 creates drastic fat loss by binding to the androgen receptors it allows for fat to be oxidized, part of the reason why one dries out so well while using it, the other part being that it does not aromatize. Common side effects with SARMS Is blurred night vision or vision becoming all one color at night. This is do to its minding to cretin receptors and gene transcription however side effects quickly subside after use. Side effects with SARMS are more often seen when dosing is on the high end but some reports have been made even with low level doses. As often the case You will never know how you will react until you have tried it for your self.

She starts tomorrow 2-18-16 50 mg am 50 mg pm for thirty days
First dose this morning 50 mg she had no complaints about the taste so that is a good thing i have used some liquids that we're super harsh to drink
My wife tasted GW50 once and promptly said she would never again taste another SARM.

Following the log, you always have great logs!
After two weeks 100 mg Ed Bf seems to be down and her strength is the same as is was on 20 mg of Anavar Ed shit seems to be legit