Sponsored journal from sarmssearch for mrs mountainman on s-4

Lmao wow at the clit comment....

If she switched from AAS to Sarms then yes that's definitely a possibility. With AAS you really have to know and trust your source so you can take accurate dosages, especially for us women. With SarmsSearch products, you can rest assured the dosage you take is correct. She won't see crazy virilization with S4. That's one of the reasons I like it. It's almost like taking anavar without those potential sides. Pretty awesome!
Today 152 lbs up a little diet is lean she is super impressed with s4 feels it's the same as Anavar as far as strength and fat loss just no hardness yet
Don't know if s4 is a appetite suppressant but she has not wanted much to eat the past few days we had her favorite today hot wings and she could only eat three would normally eat a dozen
She has been sick with gallstones but has not Lost any muscle or hardness so this is a good thing I belive it's helping her preserve muscle mass
Nice to see Mrs. Mountain Man going at it again! Honestly...she may stick with SARMS after this run. She'll get the same results as anavar without any androgenic side effects.
Well even though she is sick glaadder she hit gym today and did cardio and some weights I'm Imlressed she hit 135 on flat bench with bar for 5 reps hit 145 on squats for 8 reps and hit 25/30/35 at12 reps for curls so I know the s4 is working for her her diet today was not great but
Meal 1 6 eggs and oats
Meal 2 60'g whey iso
Meal 3 3 cans tuna yuck
Meal 4 7 oz chicken in salad
So far I'm sold on Sarmssearch.com
Even sick and in pain she monstered threw it I'll get her more soon
Don't get me wrong I'll not give up my gear but sarms are gonna be a great addition or a cruise I'm very happy Sarmssearch picked me to help them out
Wow, that is a bid deal! Not losing any muscle even while sick is great!

It's is amazing ESP that she has to force feed I would compare it to primo in that matter and she has not taken primo in 5 weeks it was break time very surprised I had my Doughts not anymore thank u cybrsge for the intro I owe u buddy my freind my brother thank u for thinking of me
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She felt better today went to gym super strong arm day for her
Skull krusher bar
V-bar pull downs
So she was on super low diet today maby 600 calls before gym for the whole day I was super impressed she was lifting so much just like she was still on Anavar gotta say s4 is giving us both a good vibe it's living up to the hype so far now I just need to see some gains