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I been away from the site and out of the gym for the last year. I wasn't in prison..just working. (Throwing that out there) Before I left the site and quit attending the gym SR 9009 had just hit the market but I never followed up on any info about it. Being out so long I've gained some weight, so I searched for anything new that might be good for fat loss. I read some studies on SR 9009..And in all honesty I'm pretty amazed by its actions. And intrigued by how it works! When I saw how SR 9009 functioned I wad shocked, because it's essentially the way the body produces ATP! I don't expect everyone to understand biology talk so I'm going to use a few cheesy examples that are easy to follow.

(Rev-erb-a) is an enzyme that interacts with specific part of muscle tissue (mitochondria) SR 9009 attaches to Rev-erb-a and says hey let's go hang out in some mitochondria and make the cells work 50x more efficient and reproduce.
Mitochondria are the mini nuclear power plants inside muscle tissue cells that produce ATP...(ATP) is the good shit that creatine coverts into that makes you stronger and build muscle.

*Rev-erb-***945; is a major physiological regulator of mitochondrial content and oxidative function. Thus, pharmacological activation of Rev-erb-***945; may be a promising approach for the treatment of skeletal muscle diseases with compromised exercise capacity.......Rev-erb-***945; activation improves muscle mitochondrial function......Next, we determined the effect of pharmacological activation of Rev-erb-***945; on exercise capacity, which we achieved by treating mice with the synthetic ligand SR9009 (ref. 12). Notably, in an endurance exercise test, mice treated with SR9009 ran significantly longer, both in time and in distance, than mice treated with vehicle"

The internal geek I am I remembered reading an article a while back speaking about rats that ate less lived longer because of mitochondrial functions. The scientist at MIT that discovered this discussed with MIT about making a drug people could buy to mimic the effects of the mice study and essentially make people live longer. MIT chose not to spend millions per year for clinical trials because determining the lifespan of people would require decades.
SR 9009 causes the same ********* reaction as in those mice. Now I'm not saying SR 9009 will make you live longer..I'm just mentioning what I read from both studies, and the same ********* things took place.

MIT did decide to sale (Life extension) so they created and patent new molecules (vitamins legal otc sales) that would cause the same ********* effects as the mice study. I'll make it simple and explain it like this. Life extension converts into all the needed Molecules for mitochondria and creatine to interact and create ATP.

So I think it'd be safe to assume this 3 stack could be worthy to test out.

SR 9009 conditions muscle tissue mitochondria to create ATP

Life extension converts into the bridging molecules between mitochondria and creatine that make ATP

Creatine converts into ATP.....

Welp I hope I explained this ok and you guys like it.
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I've decided to get some SR. I might have missed 1, but I couldn't find a log longer than a few days. So, I'ma take a stab at some SR and log it.

I'm going to cut. Being I haven't been back in the gym that long, so my calorie deficit won't be very much. I might even possibly run around maintenance, mostly because I'll be gaining a bit of muscle quickly at first, so I'll be going up on the scale at first regardless. I just plan on winging it and adjusting as needed.

I have a couple bottles of SarmsSearch RAD, I planned on saving it for a bulk, but you can't bulk when your body fat is high anyways. I'ma just grab SarmsSearch SR 9009 stack Dat der RAD and try to kill it.