Starting 2nd Cycle of Test/Deca


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I have started my 2nd cycle and currently about to start week 2. Thought I would make this thread to hold progress like I did with my first cycle.


Test 600mg: 1-13
Deca 400mg: 1-12
Aromasin: 12.5mg 3-15
Hcg 1000 ius: 12-15


Nolva 40/20/20/20
Clomid- 100/50/50/50

I think my intentions with this cycle is just to lean bulk. I decided with Deca because I just wanted to add an extra compound for 2nd cycle. I did not want to use DBol as I heard its kind of a waste, and the water bloating is ridiculous. My opinion, not worth the air weight and fast strength spike for the sides you get from it. Also would like any critique if possible. My stats are posted on my first cycle

Currently - 213lbs 13%BF 5"9.

My routine is pretty pinned down as iv been lifting since I was 17..currently 25.

Diet is clean and sitting at 3300 calories 245g protein/409g carbs/73g fat.

This has been the diet I have used for yrs and I know on cycle there is more protein synthesis. Honestly ate over 300g of protein on my first cycle for weeks and there was rly no different from just upping carbs and eating 200-245g protein besides that I was shitting way more often.

Will post some pics soon after my workout probably!
I plotted your blood levels so you could have a look at your PCT gap and duration. I didn't know if you are using Test Cyp or Enanthate, so plotted both.

First Test Cyp - uses 600 mg/wk with twice weekly injections and 8 day half life. Deca 400/wk 2x 14 day half life.

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Second Test Enanthate, as above but 10 day half life

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Your natural test levels, assuming you make about 10mg/day, are about 14 on this chart. So, my theory on PCT is you should plan the length of the pause to let your blood levels drop to about 14ish, and then plan the clomid and nolva doses and duration based on what happens next - meaning how long to bleed down to low levels.

Notice for the shorter half life Test Cyp your levels bleed down faster. Also notice with your plan of taking 2 weeks off after last Test (3 weeks after last Deca) that you start PCT at 49. Next notice at 4 weeks length you spend most of the time well above natural levels and emerge at the end 8/14 = 57% still suppressed.

The story is worse for Test Enanthate - for that you would emerge 10.3/14 = 74% still suppressed.

With the matabolites of Deca also being suppressive, there is a good chance your PCTs would fail in either case.

For the Test E case you'd be better off waiting 5 weeks between last shot and start of PCT, and for Test C about 4-1/2 weeks. You could also think about reducing the clomid the first week from 100 to 50, and running PCT five weeks - something like 50/50/50/25/25 and 40/40/40/20/20.

I think doing those things will give you a better chance of recovering from this cycle.
Yes, I have labwork coming up this week. I'm about 3 weeks in on the cycle already, and I know the gear has not saturated my blood to bring any kind of size or strength but I am noticing some water retention cause I shot up about 5-6lbs over the 3 weeks. Nipples looking good, libido is good, and no sides as of now so I think I'm in good health. Though I do get very warm throughout the day and pretty hot at night, and sometimes I sweat from just doing mild activity. Will keep updates, and will post progress pics soon. Already feel like my body is settling in for this cycle so I feel this is gonna be good :) maybe on my 6-8th week ill have some noticeable changes worth posting.