synovex experiments????


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What are some good things to make with Synovex-h. I got some on the wat and I wanted to try and strip out the TestProp. from the estrogen but I really don't know what to do with it after that. Call me stupid or just plain ignorant but in order to learn you got to ask, right??? The site I looked at seems, (and I say this loosely) to make it look fairly easy for the most part. But I could be wrong. Hope to get some good advice form all you experts out there.

By the way, do you chemicla wizards recommend any supplemental reading for stuff like this so I can brighten up to be as samrt as you guys in this. :rolleyes:
Researchkits kit(see banner above) is fairly foolproof. Dazed's kit seem somewhat complicated, taking tempature etc,