Benefit stepping down testo or clean cut?


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Hello to the forum, I am Ibne!

Need som advice from you experts.

I have been on Testo-C for about 9 months, no monster doses but around 700mg every 7 days. So an effective dosage in any case. I have also had Nebido from the doctor in a moderate dosage once a month on top of the Testo-C (Cypianate).

My question is if it might be a good idea to step down the dosage of Testo-C slowly to increase well-being. That is, go from 3ml to running a couple of weeks on 2ml and then go down to 1ml in the last month. (Only for the Testo-C, the Nebido i will be on all the time)

Is it gentler on the body and psyche to reduce the dosage when dismounting, is there any advantage to this?

My own opinion is that it does not make any improvement, after all I still have Nebido in the body. (albeit at a significantly lower dose and slow ester).

Thanks for the sensible answer.