T-Shirts Biggie!!


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It's time to work on our steriodology t-shirts!!;) Remember I want mine a size small and a half shirt!!;) :p :D :cool:
T-shirts would be great. Can I be so bold to ask about a nice baseball cap?

I would pay top dollar and help market the site at the same time.

T's and Caps would be great and if I might add we are going to do the T's in short, long, no and A formats right!!!!
I need a half shirt too!!! Maybe u could make baby tees for us ladies, little tight ones!:D
I can only imagine the reaction i'll get in the gym wearing a STEROIDOLOGY T-Shirt with my 20' guns sticking out!

That's some funny shit! How about some T-Shirts that say, "I TAKE STEROIDS!" LMAO,

Anyway, I'll take 5 of them in a childs small.